New Approach Oregon

Posted on Monday, September 29, 2014

Agree or Disagree? Join us for a great meeting to learn about measure 91. Networking, appetizers, beverages and comradery.

Regulate it, Tax it, Legalize it: A Better Approach to Marijuana in Oregon

This fall Oregonians will vote on Measure 91, an initiative that will regulate, tax and legalize marijuana in Oregon for adults 21 and over. Currently police arrest or cite someone for marijuana in Oregon once every 39 minutes at a time when there are untested rape kits, missing children and unsolved murders. Drug cartels and gangs get rich from marijuana sales, and nothing is being done to protect children. Once Measure 91 passes, it will replace our failed approach with a strict system that takes money away from the criminal market, funds essential public services and protects kids. Join us to hear more!

Peter Zuckerman is the communications director for Yes on 91. Before that, he worked as the press secretary for Oregon United for Marriage and Oregon United Against Discrimination, the successful campaigns to win marriage for same-sex couples and defend marriage from a discrimination measure. He has also worked as a reporter for various publications, most recently The Oregonian, and his book, Buried in the Sky, is an international bestseller. Zuckerman’s writing has won several journalism awards, including the Livingston, the largest, all-media, general reporting prize in America.

Becky Straus joined the staff of the ACLU of Oregon in 2011 and directs ACLU’s advocacy and lobbying efforts before the Oregon Legislature and coordinates ACLU testimony before public bodies on the full range of civil liberties and civil rights issues in Oregon. She is also ACLU’s primary lobbyist on City of Portland matters.