New Relic – Brent Miller

Posted on Monday, October 7, 2013

Portland is home to a thriving software industry. In many ways, writing software is no different than being a carpenter, a gardner or a tailor. Portland’s DIY culture makes it a great place for the industry. We’ll look at what software engineers do, day-to-day, and why non-engineers kind of understand it already. We’ll demystify how engineers approach the world, and help you to embrace your inner nerd.
Bio: Brent Miller is a software engineer and designer at New Relic, amateur chef, dabbler mixologist, part-time calligrapher and ex-botanist. The common thread between these interests: being a nerd and making cool things. He’s lived on three continents and visited six, but chose SE Portland out of all of them, where he lives with his wife and two adorable kitties.