Shelley Hawkins- Intuitive Business Coach

Posted on Monday, June 9, 2014

Shelley Hawkins, MS, is an author, speaker, coach and guide, founder of The Self Connection™, LLC and creator of Your Soul in Business™. Her specialty is liberating the spirit of entrepreneurs and professionals from what holds them back and into their true potential. 

Her clients call her a rare breed of coach, a highly intuitive transformational force, appealing to head and heart, with a gift for getting straight to the core of a solution.

Voice artists to systems analysts, multi-million dollar real estate agents to financial leaders, she helps creative people who value freedom to their core transform their business and lives to reflect what they truly crave, their values and potential. 
They have multiplied their income, their productivity and their happiness; had the courage to create their signature work; attracted ideal jobs, contracts, clients, and partners; healed themselves physically and emotionally; connected with their unique brilliance and values; improved their work culture; reinvented themselves and their business; ignited their creative fire and love for life; freed themselves from pasts and a present they thought were unchangeable; And learned to trust themselves to lead and evolve their business and lives from their inner core.
She is the creator of Your Soul in Business™ retreats focused on discovering your true brilliance, with rave reviews.

Shelley is the author of Destiny’s Edge: the life that wants you as much as you want it, part of the best-selling anthology, “Hot Mama in High Heels: Daily tips to rock your world as a woman”; Monday Wisdoms™ published weekly; her thesis and upcoming e-book Changing the Vibration of Food, and is featured in the Law of Attraction magazine.

Her Bachelors is in Integrated Studies (Business, Communications, and Interior Design) and her Masters in Holistic Nutrition. She has studied and trained in numerous energy psychology methods, including as an EFT expert for 10 years and transformation from the quantum and neuroscience perspectives, with Dr. Joe Dispenza.