Jennifer F.: Why did you get involved in Rotary?

Posted on Monday, February 20, 2012

So I got involved in Rotary a couple of years ago through a family friend. They invited me to participate in something called RYLA, which stands for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. I wasn’t sure exactly what rotary was, but I decided to sign up and go for a week leadership camp out in the Gorge, and really learned that Rotary is a service organization.

I’d heard of Rotary but still wasn’t sure what it was, and I learned about polio and the work that they’re doing to eradicate it around the world, and I learned about all kinds of service projects that are going on locally and globally and really want to be able to start giving back to my community. So after I participated in RYLA, I got involved with Rotaract with Washington County and participated with them for two or three years. Here I am today getting ready to become a Rotarian, which I am very excited about.