Nicole: Why did you get involved in Rotary?

Posted on Monday, April 2, 2012

I’ve known about Rotary for a long time because my sister, actually, when she was in high school, was nominated for the international Rotary program, so she was an exchange student, which was really cool. She got to go to the Philippines for a year. It was a great experience for her. Honestly, after that, I forgot about Rotary a litle bit. I had an impression of, I hate to say this, a bunch of old guys having breakfast. So I didn’t think it was maybe a good fit for me.

Then, when I heard about this New Generation’s Rotary Club just starting and I talked to Liz and there was just a bunch of excitement. I came in and visited, and a bunch of young folks with a lot of passion and wanting to do good things in the community and giving back. I thought, “You know, this is really cool.” So this is something that I wanted to be a part of.

The other piece, too, is giving back is a big part of what I like to do. Having a graphic design business, we do a lot of pro-bono work and stuff like that, but I wanted to do a little bit more volunteering. I’m not the kind of person to just go to the food bank or whatever gives food to the homeless today and just go on my own. I prefer when stuff is maybe a little bit more organized and I get to go do something like that with a group of friends. So it just makes it a little bit easier and more fun too.