PNG Rotary welcomes those who are interested in getting involved, giving back, and having fun. We’re more hands-on and less structured than a traditional Rotary Club, so it's easy to get involved! We have regular weekly meetings on Monday nights, and our Calendar of Events details what we are doing each week.

We welcome you to come join us for a meeting, community service project, or fellowship event. PNG Rotary offers a variety of opportunities - all you have to do is show up. Easy!

First time visits to a regular weekly meeting are complimentary, and subsequent visits are $10, which includes the food that is served at regular weekly meetings.


PNG Rotary members benefit from the networking, service, and fellowship opportunities that the club provides for our members as well as opportunities to participate in leadership training programs and to attend other events through Rotary District 5100.

Potential members must visit our club a total of three times before submitting a membership application. At least one of those visits must be a volunteer or fellowship event.

When a potential new member submits an application, it is reviewed by the membership chair and the board of directors, and a potential new member may be contacted by the membership chair if there are follow up questions. Decisions about membership applications are made a few weeks after submission.


When a new member is accepted, membership begins upon payment of a $75 initiation fee. Member orientation includes a variety of activities and experiences designed to give new members an overview of ways to get involved, give back, and have fun with PNG Rotary.  Some examples include meeting another member for coffee, signing up to be a greeter at a weekly meeting, or attending a weekly meeting of another Rotary club.

All members pay a $60 monthly membership fee. This fee includes food that is served during regular weekly meetings and the balance is used to pay for basic administration of the club, including room rental fees, as well as a member's subscription to the Rotarian magazine.